jazz | 13 | INTP
i reside in Cali and I just really like looking at neymar jr
reading: the count of monte cristo

listening to: any song on my itunes tbh

re-watching: all
episodes of bobs burgers

  1. peetamellarkc said: I am scared of tampons too tbh
  2. deadallisonargent said: when do you need to start? Because if it’s on September, I think you still have time :)
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Oh I was born to live without you, but I'm never gonna understand.

Jazz! Jazz, Jazz bo bazz Bonana fanna fo fazz Fee fy mo Mazz, Jazz!

Hey my name's jazz and im 13 (w ow thirte13n yaer ol d??// o n tumlbr go rea d book! ha!1!)

im just a hooligan fruit causing trouble at night

Things that make me happy 94.69% of the time:

  • ASKS YAY!!
  • small animals
  • harry styles with his titty out at weddings
  • pretty photos
  • i just rlly like hot men idc
  • strong eyebrow game turns me on
  • louise belcher
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